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I live in TN. And always thought the had 7 day waiting periods when buying handguns. I filled out for my conceal carry permit & was told it may take 90 days if I don't get denied which had no reason to get denied but stories I've heard its hard telling what they will do. Some people with clean background & wonderful people who you think they get approved easily get denied & people you think don't have chance in hell getting one gets approved. So even knowing I should be good didn't get hopes up. So was debating on picking out gun I wanted assuming it take at least week or so to be able to get gun. Then Fri. In mail I received my permit. Which was issued 4/3/13 & didn't get it till 4/12/13 So it took long trip getting here. Anhways went and found gun I wanted which went with Ruger GP100 & after filling out paperwork figured they say we will contact you when everything is OK but before paperwork was done they gave me price & paid it & said once your done with last bit paperwork your good to go & got to take gun home with me same day only took 15 min. If that. I said thought it was week waiting period & they said used to be for yes but finally Tennessee changed things around & can take it home same day. So to states that still have long wait times Im sorry for having to wait especially when good law biding Citizens get stuck having to wait like they are some type of criminal. Its just not right.
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