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Sounds like you've got your load then. What powder is it? As Bumblebug said, those measures should do pretty well with spherical powders, like the Ramshot line and others. With stick powders they tend to cut grains. The problem with cutting grains isn't the cut itself, but that it jars the powder hopper causing the powder to settle, making it more dense for the next throw. There are three things you can try to do about this:
  1. Mount the measure really solidly so it can't be jarred much, even by cutting grains. A heavy steel plate is nice.
  2. Intentionally introduce uniform vibration by tapping the side of the measure. Some folks have even gone so far as to attach fish tank aerator pumps to the powder hopper with rubber bands, then flipping it on half a second before each fill.
  3. Add a baffle or even two baffles to the powder hopper at right angles to one another and an inch apart. The baffles make it behave as if the powder level were lower and always the same. This helps repeatability. My baffle templates are here. There is an old thread on the LNL measure, here.
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