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Having spent 5 years as a Bouncer in Liverpool UK, 1960 to 1965, the first 4 years at the Cavern club, of Beatles fame.

These were violent years. I was part time, Thursday/Friday/Saturday nights, 7 PM till around Midnight.

I learned not to think! Thinking takes too long! You could be dead and buried, before you moved.

A young man, most likely deranged (someone looked after him, he was well dressed, collar and tie, gleaming shoes) but not playing with a full deck.

He tried to kill me with a home made ice pick, aimed directly for my sternum!

He was left handed, the blade entered my right wrist (I moved to grab his arm) the bang against the side wall knocked him out, my steel toed kick to the head as he fell, knocked 4 teeth out, broke his jaw, his eye socket was caved in.

The Police we called wanted to lock me up, till I showed the stab wound (and the weapon) he went in the Paddy Wagon, I went to the Emergency ward.

Lots of shots!

My conclusion in fights/attacks, he who hesitates looses.

In my ten years in the USA, I have been in 3 incidents, no, I did not shoot anyone, almost on one. One hands on, one ready to shoot, the two local, I think, Gang bangers in training, they eye balled me, I saw no weapons, their hands were in plain sight, they left.

This was at 2pm, in Dr. Philips, outside a hi end Grocery store. Out of the blue!
(they were following my Wife, in the Store, I love Cell Phones). You can never switch off, never.

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