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Successful......but not a turkey.....

Got even with Yul today for his leaving me standing in the road while he shot the turkey on our last trip.......well.....I sort of got even.

Morning started off exciting as we had a bird gobble at least a 100 times in the course of 1 1/2 hours. When we first heard him he was across a creek, through a pine stand, across a road and on the back side of another pine stand from us.

Of course we did not know this at the time, just knew we could hear him, so off we went.

Did you know you can hear a turkey for well over 1/2 mile!

So we worked close enough to him where we could tell that he was walking back and forth as he gobbled, maybe 150 yards away, and set up. Darn thing would not move towards us.

After about 40 minutes of this I suggested to Yul that we make a circle and get on the other side of the bird and see if that would budge him. We get about 400 yards along the road to just where we have a fireline cut ( Was planning on using it to get to him. ) and down the road I can see one of the members trucks.

As we've come as far as we have we decide that chances are he is on the bird and that he was set up on him from the get go so we abandon the effort and head back through the woods towards the truck to get a drink and then reposition.

End up about 2 miles south ( Not to far from where the dumb turkey from last week was. ) and set out walking the road.

Takes us all of 20 minutes to see a bird a good 400-500 yards down the road wandering about. Can't tell what it is but decide to work down towards him inside the treeline for a ways and then call.

As we can't see the bird we just guess when we've gone far enough, Yul slips the decoy ( Henretta ) into the road, I move off the road into the pines about 20 yards and Yul sets up to call about 30 yards away where he can see down the road and sets to calling.

We'd been there a while when I realized Yul had not called in a LONG time so I inched around where I could see the edge of the road through the trees, thinking that at least I'd get to see Yul bust the turkey.

And then trotting down the road comes this guy........and NO I did not give Yul a chance......hit it with a 1 7/8 #5 as he passed a opening. Looked as if you'd hit him in the head with a bat. Can see how tight the pattern is by looking at his neck.

We judged him to be old based on the teeth..........

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