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I looked for a 4" Model 25 Smith & Wesson for well over a decade before I finally found one. Could have had any number of 6.5" barreled ones, but I wanted the 4".

I absolutely adore the combination.
Lucky dog, I'd love to have a 4" version. I've got a 25-5 with the 8 3/8" barrel and it's a fantastic shooter. That long sight radius makes it a tack driver but the 4" would be great for carrying in the woods where the longer barrel is just a little too cumbersome. Maybe some day I'll find the right gun at the right price.

I do love the .45 Colt and plan to pick up a Ruger Blackhawk chambered for it maybe next year. Just a great all around cartridge but I would suggest handloading for it and casting your own bullets if you can (just waiting for mold blocks to come back in stock so I can start casting). It's an expensive cartridge to shoot without handloading.

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