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How will biting into the bottom line of a firearms company show hostile lawmakers their actions were wrong? Those same lawmakers would love nothing better than to see firearms companies suffer.
It's to show the companies that won't move that we don't agree with their position of feeding the coffers of anti-gun states. However, a simple press release expressing unhappiness and concern for the new laws goes a long way. If their corporate offices can't find the "need" to release a statement opposing the legislation, a move that will cost them nothing, then what message is being sent? It means they don't care.

If Magpul moving out of CO is a good and noble thing then how can silence and staying put in NY by Remington not be a slap in the face to gun owners?

These actions are too new to see if they are being taken seriously. Nobody has moved, no jobs have been lost. Nobody has been taken seriously because nothing has happened yet.

It bears repeating. States that want to court new businesses help subsidize the move. They offer cheap or free land, build the infrastructure, offer tax breaks for 5-10 years, subsidize the labor costs if unemployed or special need labor is hired and offer to help with moving expenses. I read that Remington was going to retool anyways so why not start in a brand new factory in TX or AR or TN?

This isn't only about Remington. It's about any company in the firearm related field to stand up for our rights as much as to their stock holders. Remington is front-and-center right now as is Magpul. 2 companies on opposite ends of the spectrum. We don't have many options in stopping the law makers in each state. We have to use whatever options at our disposal to show we aren't going to just lay down because they have the president on their side. I have no doubt that the president is offering states that pass this legislation certain government monies, grants, subsidies, etc that are discretionary now. He is buying their support because he can. How can we fight that? With our wallets and choices. Elections and where we spend our money is where we have the power. We have to use it.
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