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Problem with Win Mod 70 safety…

I have a Win Mod 70 that is having a problem moving the safety from off-safety to on-safety. It takes considerable thumb pressure to move it but it works. The reverse, going from safe to fire & in-between is smooth & normal. I’ve been searching forums & Googling but the advice is always to oil it, which hasn’t worked. Apparently there is a ball & spring in the bolt head that rides across indents on the safety, but I have yet to find a diagram. I have also noticed that thumb pressure on the safety actually pulls the whole firing pin/cocking piece back to fully disengage the trigger & sear. My safety moves the cocking piece back .066”. Is that normal? Do I have an adjustment problem or do the safety parts (lever/ball/spring/?) ever wear out? Any advice is appreciated.

BTW: My trigger is the style with 1 threaded stem & 3 nuts with a spring. Despite its simplicity, the trigger pulls & breaks great!


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