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I feel you're supposed to be the weapon and the gun, knife, baton, or flashlight is just an extra. If it's the other way around then I'd seek more training.

My gun is my last resort and always will be.

However the comment on "chump change" and just giving it up. I wish that would be how it always is if it was ever going to happen. It's a tough call to make. I know personally where I live, that's not the case. You don't just "get robbed" of your goods.

There's surveillance of a rather recent issue here (it's not isolated it happens often, this time we had surveillance) that a woman was walking out of a store with her purse over her shoulder and a car doubled back where the passenger leaped out and grabbed her bag. She then put her hands up and he shot her in the head. Got into the car and took off.

It's too tough of a call to make. So sadly, I think it's better off fighting..Too much of a gamble with your own life in the hands of scum that takes what you worked hard to earn yourself. To take away what God himself gave you the gift of, life. They don't care if your kids are waiting for you at home or that lunch date you planned with your lover. So why leave your life in their hands to judge on impulse whether to squeeze the trigger or not.

It's sad we have to think this was. Criminals are developing the blackest of hearts.

Even then, lets say after the fact. You decide to pull and lets also say. You hit your target. Regardless, since we're the good guys. Most of the time you will have to live with yourself and you will lose sleep at night. Unlike what would happen to the criminal if the situation was reverse.

Guess it's better to be alive right? Maybe. Too many things can go wrong.

Every situation varies and I hope no one that's a good guy on here ever has to go through anything of the sort.
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