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What Amendments would we like to see on the Toomey-Manchin Amendment?

There is a thread discussing the amendment itself already.

The purpose of this thread is to think of amendments we would like to see added to this amendment/bill , that is come up with things to write our congressmen and senators.

It is my understanding, someone correct me if I am wrong, that Democrats and Republicans have agreed to limit the number of amendments and have established a quid-pro-quo, for every one Republican amendment there will be one Democrat amendment.

Again, the purpose of this thread should be to distill into cogent ideas a list of "Carrots" we would like to see added to the bill/amendment. This is somewhat self-serving because I am a little reactionary and want to take advantage of the wealth of knowledge and exertise here on this forum for the end-result of e-mailing senators and congressman what amendments I would like to see made.

On the Toomey-Manchin Amendment thread it has been pointed out that the amendment does allow the "Carrot" of being able to buy firearms in states other than the one you live in.

My ideas, which are probably over-the-top, are:
1: Repeal the NFA, make all NFA items now fall under the purview of this amendments' background check.
Pro: I think this would be an expansion of gun rights. It would likely keep the bill/amendment from being signed into law.
Con: Is there a Senator or Congressman that would offer this amendment?

1a. Remove sound suppressors from NFA status.
Pro: Watered down idea from 1, but may be more feasible to get a Senator or Congressman to propose the amendment.
Con: The quid-pro-quo Democrat amendment.

2. Since a NICS check in effect checks to see if we are indeed citizens and do not have felonys or other criminal convictions that bars us from enjoying our Second Amendment Rights.
NICS background checks will also be used in all local, state, and federal elections to determine the eligibility of voters.
Pro: I don't know if there is one, I am just tired of losing my rights so I want to give everyone, that votes, a taste of what it feels like to have your rights infringed.
Con: See Pro

3. Require NICS to inform in writing, within 7 days, the reason for any denial as well as the appeals paperwork. Upon finding that any NICS employee has incorrectly denied a purchase a total of 3 times said employee will be relieved of duty and will be barred from any future employment relating to NICS.
Pro: This could reduce the number of improper denials. This would also speed up the process for individuals wrongly denied to regain their rights.
Con: quid-pro-quo amendment.

This is the basic idea. I am sure there are members here that a

re able to offer much better, more well thought out, ideas.

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