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The M-60 GPMG...

The older military M60 7.62mmNATO weapons were awful. Our cadre & NCOs in training told us to be careful with them & how they needed safety wires.

I never liked them in my four year enlistment.
FWIW; Col Charles "Chargin Charlie" Beckwith the US Army officer who started & ran the Delta Force or SFOD-1, selected German HK heavy machine guns for his Delta troops(aka: D-Boys) in the Broken Wing/Desert One rescue operation in 1980. The Delta armorers & "head-shed" had 0 faith in the chunky, clunky M-60s.

Newer models work far better. SEALs & SWCC(specwar) use a improved, compact M-60 7.62mmNATO system. They still call them; pigs.

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