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Ruger GP100 vs. SP101 for Carry?

You obviously getter a bigger, heavier gun in the GP100. It will soak up more recoil and may be more accurate. You even get one more shot. However, it is larger and roughly 30% heavier. That could be a factor in determining how or if you carry. How much of a factor is it for you? Which do, or which would, you prefer to carry? How does that change for different circumstances?

In .357 magnum, you can choose a few different barrel lengths on each. There is also a .327 magnum offering in each but as far as I know, only one factory barrel for each in that caliber. How does this impact your choice?

There is also a difference in style. Is one more aesthetically or ergonomically attractive to you? How much does this influence your carry choice?

What would be ideal for you and why?
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