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If I had unlimited money, my collection would look something like:

.22 Ruger pistol
.22 Anschultz rifle
AR-15 with assorted uppers and magazines
SIG 551
Assorted lever action carbines
A Saiga 12 of some sort
Swiss K31
PPSh-41 (automatic)
A collection of Milsurp pistols and rifles including Makarov, Tokarev, Luger, Enfield, and heck, even some automatics like a Thompson or a Maxim if we're considering lots of money.
"Sniper" rifles in chambers from .222 to .50 BMG
Lahti 20mm Anti Tank Rifle
Browning M2
Definitely a WWII BAR
A CZ handgun if not many
M203 with live rounds
57mm Anti Tank Cannon from World War II/ other large Destructive Devices (see my other thread)
Something in .17 WSM
.45-70 Gatling gun
MG 42

I guess that's it for now
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