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Good, but cheap never works out very well for scales or calipers. For an inexpensive scale that's as accurate as the best of them you need look no farther than the RCBS RC 130. It's triple poised, magnetically dampened and has agate bearings. Its limit is 131 grs. making it particularly good for weighing powder charges. If you want to weigh bullets above 131 grs. or loaded cartridges I won't try to make a case against a digital, but as so many have already pointed out, they're hit and miss where a good balance beam scale will give the highest precision with the REDDING #2 giving +/- 1/20th of a grain accuracy.

I have seen even fairly expensive digital calipers that were inaccurate while you can buy the inexpensive Chinese made Frankford Arsenal calipers around $25 and I've checked them before on precision gauge blocks and found them on the money accuracy wise. A better bet would be a Japanese caliper but they're getting harder to find without paying considerably more $. The American made model from Starrett or Swiss made Brown & Sharpe are extremely accurate and will last a lifetime if you're inclined to spend that much money for a dial caliper. For most uses in reloading, the Frankford Arsenal's will work fine but may be limited to a useful lifespan of 5 years or less.

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