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The sight of a firearm on the hip is a source of consternation to a large portion of the public. Why would you intentionally make other people uncomfortable?
This is obviously do to the Tamping down of carrying firearms in public and was never an issue 100 years ago.
As far as that goes i see people do things all the time that should be offensive to me as i try to raise my children differently.
It just seems that people are going to be offended and even scared by what they see, but if i must get use to or get over their offenses, they can mine as well as long as it's within the law.
Imagine if you will, the people who all bear arms to do so openly. Would people be more scared after a year or two or would they relax and see the fact that many people carry and they are not as dangerous as once perceived because they are the ones obeying the law? Maybe even help the cause of gun rights by responsible citizens in the eyes of those who fear them.

I believe crime would be affected to the extent that many people walking around with sidearms is a deterrent to certain people and probably drive them more to planning. Maybe give them pause.

Then again how dangerous is your sidearm in the open? Maybe tempting for someone to attempt to get close enough to Take it from you before you know what they were up too. That's why we are more alert when possible.

For now it leaves so much to theory and discussion and us to wonder.

Maybe a nice balance of concealed and open. Reminder that times are changing to the criminal mind. Leave them thinking, I know how often i see them openly, who has one concealed. The world is watching thought running through his mind.
Either way it's a Pro vs con and more likely ends up being a preference for those that have a choice leaving those that disagree time to rethink it or readjust.

For a long time here in Ohio we had little to no concealed ability without breaking law. Open carry was not liked by LEO where i lived and did their best to discourage it.

With that being said, they had little trust in the public and here we are wondering how much we trust each other. We need to give them a reason to trust us....
Be alert, know your laws, be trained if necessary, know when it is necessary to use deadly force, Safety, safety, safety.
If you ever have to use a firearm, you don't get to pick the scenario!
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