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One day five or six years ago, shortly after I started handloading (and consequently, picking up brass) I was picking some .45acp out of the brass bucket.

I was paying attention to mouth diameter, and I picked up a cartridge that was the right diameter, but was twice as tall...looked like a brass garbage can. I looked at the headstamp... .45 Colt. I picked up about 50 of them and took them home. I had owned .44Mag and Special before, but...meh. Maybe the guns, maybe the magic.

But that big LC... What a visually arresting piece of brass. Yes, I actually bought a handgun so I could load that brass.

It didn't take long before I had three of them. Unfortunately, common sense prevailed, and I am back to just one (4" M-25 Mountain Gun, Mike ) but it is one of my favorites. It is a great handloader's (and shooter's) cartridge.


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Sarge, good read. Thank you for sharing.

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