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But a single steak through the heart would be a quick and tidy way to slay the beast, of course.
Perhaps you meant "stake?" Driving a steak through the heart would be a tedious and messy proposition

All silliness aside, you made a great point. Scalia's words in Heller were well-considered, and despite cries from some in the gun culture ("he didn't repeal the NFA!"), he did quite a bit for us within the context of the questions posed. If he'd gone farther, the accusations of judicial activism from the other side would have rung truer.

Moore is the cleanest case, as it poses a total ban on carry. Woollard is the next cleanest case, as Mr. Woollard actually held a permit, before it was denied at a second renewal, even though Kalchalsky and Woollard are essentially the same, at law.
I still think we have a good chance with Woollard because the plaintiff's very real peril aptly demonstrates the injustice inherent in "good cause" discretion. I'm happy to see the issue addressed by any of the three cases at hand, but Woollard definitely tugs at the heartstrings. That can matter.

That said, the timing inadvertently ends up being a bit wonky. A case challenging the constitutionality of the NY SAFE Act (or equivalent laws in CO and CT) will have to wait a year or more.
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