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Thank you for all the input!

I have some Volquartsen .22 target pistols and have spoken on the phone with Nic Volquartsen a few times while "designing" them. (My Volquartsen target pistols are truly wondrous machines: 10" barrel for 25 yards and a 12" barrel for 100 yards . . . unbelievably accurate. I also have an Olympus for off-hand.) And, yes, several years ago, I talked to him about this revolver. Although he was kind of vague about it, he did tell me that quite some time ago, they built 100 of them from S&W 686 bases. I did not get any feeling from him as to its value as a collectible firearm, though.

I also have a S&W 686 with a 6" barrel, which I really like. (Who wouldn't?) I cannot attest to the inherent accuracy of either firearm, but the excellent trigger on the Smith pales in comparison to the Volquartsen. It is a wonder to behold.

Your replies have confirmed for me that if not a collectible, it at least isn't a commonplace revolver. I am the only kid on my block that has one, for sure!

Thanks for your help.

--Bill aka seal killer
ps I think I will take the Volquartsen and the 686 out and bench them at 50 yards. If I see any differences I will at least get a clue as to the quality of the 7" barrel.
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