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Do you go to the mall, or the theatre with a large handgun strapped on your hip??

I have a sports car with a rather large engine. I do not have an offensive, loud, "in your face" muffler on it because I choose not to intentionally offend other motorists and pedestrians.

I carry a 9MM SIG, usually in a Galco shoulder holster under a jacket or sweater. I do so because I choose not to make others who fear fireams uncomfortable. They haven't offended me, why would I intentionally offend them?

The sight of a firearm on the hip is a source of consternation to a large portion of the public. Why would you intentionally make other people uncomfortable?

I suppose that in my value system it isn't a question of having a "right" to do so, as much as it is a question of being a courteous person that will try to avoid offending others unnecessarily. I take no satisfaction in being "in your face."

You and your wife have a legal and moral right to have sexual relations. But would you do so on a church pew or in the mall?

Concern for the feelings and sensitivities of others makes friends. Lack of concern makes enemies.

And in the poitical environment of today, do we really need to be making enemies??
The soldier's pack is not so heavy a burden as the prisoner's chains. Dwight Eisenhower
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