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The .45 Colt is my favorite cartridge, and probably the most do-it-all cartridge out there. The cartridge has a lot of history and nostalgia to it as well. I have a Ruger Bisley 5.5" that also comes with an extra .45 ACP cylinder and it's great. Cost isn't too good, but that's why I got into handloading years back.

From cowboy loads, to magnum class performance in a Ruger, it's likely the best bang for the buck, especially getting to shoot ACP too. Basic .45 Colt loads are easy, very light recoiling, like a gentle push. The big stuff is fun, and the Bisley grip is great for handling the heavier recoiling rounds. I had a Rossi/Puma '92 levergun at one point but I never used it, mainly I'm a handgun kind of guy.

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