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I came around to .45 Colt through the back door, but I am home now.

When I first moved to Alaska and started having adventures with just my Nikon, a bunch of people insisted I needed a sidearm, .44magnum or better.

So I bought a .50 Xframe S&W and learned to shoot it out to 25 yards or so. It was just too heavy to get into action quickly, so I started looking at Nframe sized guns and ended up with a Redhawk in .45Colt.

Shazaam. Now I have a Vaquero in .45Colt to go with, I expect both of my next two handguns will be .45Colt as well, I want a 4.75" plow handle grip Vaquero to go with the 3.75" birdshead I have now, and I want a real NIB current factory production Colt.

After those two, I'll think about a 625 mountain gun and maybe a 5.5" someday...

I CCW and hunt interior Alaska with 270gr SAA bullets loaded to about 900fps. for trips to the coast in big bear country I take the Redhawk with 340gr bullets loaded to about 1100-1200 fps. For steel target I load 230gr bullets to 750fps and practice with my field guns.

Extremely versatile caliber, I am cooking some charcoal in my fireplace now, that someday will drive a .45 bullet down one of my bores...
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