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On the BOSS system, is tuning it to your load all that much faster or cheaper than tuning a load to the rifle? I have never tried the BOSS, but it seems to me you would likely do the same amount of experimenting.
Not by a long shot.

Browning has a chart that puts you in the ballpark according to your load's bullet weight. For factory loads, specific settings are recommended.

Here is some general information about the BOSS. Sit through the video as that is the quickest, surest way to see what it does, and how to use it.

Instead of trying a number of different powders, bullets and loads thereof - or buying and trying a number of different factory loads, you pick the load that you wish to shoot, then use the information that Browning provides and then make a few trial adjustments ( perhaps three to six ) to find the "sweet spot" for that load. Record that sweet spot for later reference, as you can do this for any number of different loads.

It is possible to buy a single box of shells and have more than enough left for a big-game hunt after adjusting the BOSS - and getting sighted-in. ( If you use the three-shot sighting in system, that is! )

More detail is available at the Browning website, in the A-Bolt and BAR Safari sections. A lot of benchrest shooters use tuners, because they will give you better accuracy faster and cheaper than by endlessly fooling around with different loads.

Also, if conditions change, lets say like you live at sea level and get a chance to hunt at high altitude, the tuner can be adjusted with just a few rounds, if necessary. - This cannot be done nearly so easily by doing it the old, laborious, expensive, backward way that either requires loading equipment or a wide selection of factory loads to play with.

Same thing goes if you wind up having to use locally available ammo, etc. - instead of your favorite load.

A .5 MOA gun without a tuner can be a .3 MOA gun - with a tuner. That's the difference that has benchrest shooters and discerning hunters using them. The benchrest shooters develop a handload with as little velocity spread as possible, and then use a tuner to make it compatible with the rifle barrel.

Another nice thing about the BOSS is that you can switch back and forth between using the muzzle-brake or not.

Perhaps that is one reason why Winchester is purchasing licensing from Browning to utilize the BOSS system.

I like the Winchester action. If they start making the BOSS system available, I'd seriously consider buying a Winchester. To be honest though, I'm kind of spoiled to the Browning A-Bolt bolt knob, it's the most comfortable one on the market. I like the safety better, too.

The fellow who said that the Browning synthetic stock is an injection-molded piece of junk was full of farina. Take a look at an A-Bolt Stainless Stalker and judge for yourself. - He was probably thinking of a Remington or maybe a Savage.

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