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Originally Posted by ezmiraldo
How much do you all train?
When I first saw this post I wasn't sure what it was all about. A lot of people are responding & their ideas are all different. How do you train for competition, concealed carry, hunting, cowboy shooting, handguns, rifles, ???

The first thing that hit me was that this is a question about practicing for concealed carry. I must say, I don't really practice at all. The fact is that I only carry when I may feel like I may be in an uncomfortable environment. I feel like then, in an extreme situation, I'll have time to get my gun & decide to shoot/don't shoot. Maybe not but it's better that I have a gun than not. On TV I see practices where a guy at an ATM machine is knocked to the ground, draws & double-taps the villain before he can brain him with a baseball bat! That's practice until its instinctual!

As for hunting, I still see where many bolt action hunters take the rifle off there shoulder to chamber the second round. A little practice will fix that.


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