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Got two this morning while turkey hunting.Today was the first break in nasty weather in three days and they musta been hungry. First one came in directly and ate a load of fives @ 20 yards. Went down like a ton of bricks. Second one musta seen me before I seen him and was sneaking off broadside @ about 40. He jumped straight up in the air bitin' at his side where those copper plated bees were stingin' him. He left an easy blood trail in the snow and was dead when I got to him in about 50 yards. Both were big males and both were in good physical condition. I was runnin' and gunnin' so they stayed where they laid. Shot 'em about 90 minutes and a quarter of a mile apart, and both came in to the turkey callin' within 10 minutes of the setup. No decoy was used. Both shot on small Oak ridges in a very large tract of forested public land. First one shot about 8:00 a.m. and the second about 9::30 a.m.
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