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Decades - I rest my case on the sound of Scalia's Celestial Chorus signaling the end to gun control attempts. Where is the Angelic Smilie?

Unless there is a sea change that moves major parts of the antigun demographics or (I don't see how), the SCOTUS comes forward with a more decisive opinion that clearly states common usage isn't a double barrel and reasonable restrictions don't include ARs, mags, carry in church, etc. - we have not really won.

One recalls that folks didn't want a SCOTUS case as we might have lost (5/4). Who is to say that SAFE might not be affirmed. Justices vote their politics as the best predictor.

Look at Roe - that isn't over and folks hope this court will overturn.

We might end up with the right across all states to have reasonable double barrel shotguns with birdshot loads. The 2nd protects the right to shoot them into the air (or through the door).

We are going to see a state by state polarization but depending on the next court appointment and elections - Heller and M. may mean very little.

Look, how many times did we state that you can defend yourself with shotgun and SW Model 10? That could be reasonable.
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