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My point is don't try to convince me that a knife or similar is more efficient at killing than a firearm if that was the case there would not have hundreds of years of firearms devilment.
Read my post again and don't be putting words in where there aren't any. I never said guns were not more efficient I said they are not any more deadly than any other weapon and that is a true statement. Dead is dead. You want efficient go IED, fire bomb, gas bomb...

I only make the point that any crime of violence is a crime and using a gun does not make the crime any more heinous. All crimes committed with a weapon are equally heinous and all should be treated equally. Severely and quickly and with long sentences.

By the way some of us are just as deadly with a stick as others are with a knife and at close up and personal distance do not count the man with a knife or a stick as being unarmed just because the other man has a gun.
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