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Well fellas, got the problem solved. Couldn't find any Federal primers (who can)? but managed to talk a guy at a gun show out of some Remington primers and some virgin brass. Loaded up 5 and all were no go. Then I thought why not try dry firing with just a primer, so I primed 10 rounds with Win. mag primers and dry fired the gun with the barrel butted tight against a steel plate. All fired so I loaded 10 of them up with the Remington primers and a staring load to fire form the cases. They all fired fine. After "fire forming" all the rest with mag primers I loaded all the rest up with the Remington primers and all fired fine. Don't understand why they would fire without a bullet but not with. Anyway this trick worked. Now I'm back to using Winchester primers which I have a ton of and now I'm a happy camper.
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