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Originally Posted by Maestro P
Glenn, I'm confused why you think the amount of time it takes for the watershed opinion of Heller versus DC to have its effect is a significant measure of its importance or efficacy. If we are successful, it will be because the wide net that was first cast is gradually drawn in until the least possible degree of infringement remains. We didn't get here overnight. What a legislature can do in a few weeks or months inevitably takes years to untangle in the courts.
But isn't that the problem? It didn't, but let's say the current trend started with the NY "SAFE" act. It's being challenged in court on (among other things) constitutional grounds. But while that process is on-going, Connecticut stepped up to the plate with their 139-page smorgasbord of new and amended gun laws, Colorado enacted their own version, and I believe New Jersey is poised to pass more draconian gun laws.

As more states pass more laws, the process of weeding them out and shooting them down becomes exponentially longer, more difficult, and more costly (for both sides). It would be nice (albeit not possible) if something like the NY SAFE act could have been zapped within days of passage, thereby sending a message to other states contemplating similar legislation.
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