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The Winchester is the only choice that comes with a quality stock. All of the others have cheap injection molded stocks.

The Winchester is the only choice with a CRF action.

You don't need to mess with a silly knob on the end of the barrel to make them shoot straight. One group here from my Kimber, but all of my Winchesters shoot just fine. All are SS/synthetic, either with the Winchester EW stock or in McMillans.

If you want a truly light weigh rifle the Tikka is the lightest, most accurate rifle you will find under $1,000. I like the Tikka's right well, but thier light weight is their biggest selling point. Putting one in a heavy laminated stock makes no sense to me.

The Weatherby is a good gun, especially for the money. But they are the heaviest of your choices. Not my cup of tea, but if you are interested in a heavy recoiling rifle that might be an advantage.

I don't care at all for the Browning design.

Savage makes a good budget gun. They are as accurate as anything else, and their budget lines are reasonably priced. Once you get to their walnut stocked and SS rifles, they are no longer a bargain. If I'm paying that much there are better choices.

Two other choices to consider. If on a budget the Ruger Hawkeye is a best buy in SS/Synthetic. Since they come with rings they are an even better bargain.

If you are seriously considering the Winchester EW a Kimber isn't much more. Around $1,000, and they are also CRF. An important consideration to me. They are very well made, extremely accurate as you can see by the above target. The rifle, with scope and mounts is still a couple of oz under 6 lbs ready to hunt.

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