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Glenn, I'm confused why you think the amount of time it takes for the watershed opinion of Heller versus DC to have its effect is a significant measure of its importance or efficacy. If we are successful, it will be because the wide net that was first cast is gradually drawn in until the least possible degree of infringement remains. We didn't get here overnight. What a legislature can do in a few weeks or months inevitably takes years to untangle in the courts.

The fact that the death knell for unlimited second amendment infringement is about 50 years behind the curve hasn't helped, but here we are. Kachalsky and it's ilk is only about carry outside the home. We still have to deal with assault weapons, sensitive places, scrutiny, so-called safe rosters, interstate travel and reciprocity (or equal protection, if you will), and, no doubt, a few other pithy issues that aren't coming to mind at the moment.

But as each case is decided, the noose tightens; broad principles will be settled, and infringement will be more and more difficult for states so inclined. It's going to take time, possibly decades to unravel this mess.
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