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the bolt design is in the works still, i would have a mechanism that replaces the bolt and attached to the rear end, in theory its like any other semi auto save it would be heavy rear end to convert the bolt action to semi auto, the downside to this is added weight to rear end and from modeling one could not sit their head behind the new pin as it just in and out to allow the gun to become semi auto, im attempting to minimize this mechanism but it would appear limited, basically you must load round 1, then after firing the round then releases pressure pushes the new internal bot back and a spring around this small bolt returns it to place. i was using a design of the stg 44 mechanism as it seemed appropriate for loading. the bolt would be fixed onto the gun. but with this new stock i could technically make it work as it loads from below, but its just encumber sum and not fully effective yet, there was a few mosins that were converted to semi auto design but i havent found 1 or a schematic of one so i can see how it was done. my only alternative is to alter the rear system by cutting and allow me more room to work, but as is im at a wall, was fun to try though
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