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The results count. Tell me how long it will take for the NY, CT and CO (and others in pipeline) laws are found to be unconstitutional under Heller, etc.

Otherwise strings of electrons are just that.

I'm an empiricist - I'm waiting for results.

I'd ask our legal eagles - what is the estimated time before the SAFE act gets to the SCOTUS - assuming they take the case?

PS - since the two recent SCOTUS decisions did not discourage those state actions - can we say that they were so decisive in squelching legislative attacks on the 2nd Amend. I doubt a state would try a law to re-segregative its schools. Certainly, attacks on Roe are popping up all over and that was said to be very clear.

If in close proximity to their passing, laws like those in NY, etc. overturned then I'd be wrong in my worries.

Also, a change in the court might easily use the carefully crafted language of reasonble restrictions to do quite a bit of restriction. It's an empirical question to see how it plays out.
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