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Video games and shootings...

Originally Posted by JerryM View Post
Yes it is true. Sure there were exceptions, but in my life I never heard of a child shooting his classmates or teachers until recently. In fact we could take guns to school, and leave them with the principal until after school when we would go hunting.

I am not talking about the '70s, but the 40s and 50s. To say that Mass shootings were happening then is pure nonsense. A couple of exceptions do not prove your case.
They are fairly common now, and the desensitizing of violence is largely responsible. Video games are significant contributors to it.

The statements you are making about the link between violence and games are not supported by research. No neutral study has been able to establish a link, and there have been hundreds that tried. It's not correct to say something is true because it intuitively feels obvious. Frequently the opposite conclusion ends up being true. It's the same logic as anti-gun people saying guns are linked to violence because the link seems intuitively obvious, but in fact the link isn't there. You can't say video games are "significant contributors" to desensitization of violence when it hasn't been proven that they are contributors at all despite the best efforts of agenda-driven researchers.

As a lifelong gunner and lifelong video gamer, the arguments against games and guns sound remarkably similar to me - based on personal anecdotal experience and individual perspective but not based in fact.
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