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She isn't old enough to realize there's a difference between real life and what she sees on TV.
Likewise, a mass murderer seems to have an altered perception of reality, can't differentiate between real life and what they see in movies/TV, or has developed an innate numbness to human/animal suffering.

No one is saying that violent video games cause violence in everyone, or are the sole cause of violence in demented people. What I am saying is that it seems to be one of a number of factors common to those who go on murder sprees where the only goal is to see how many people they can kill. For kicks or glory. It doesn't take a lot of psychoanalysis to observe this common link.

The fact that one gamer in a prior post admitted that he uses video games to relieve stress and take out his violent aggressions on fictitious characters after a bad day seems to me to further confirm some link between mental aggression and video games.

But, it's not just violent games. In my opinion, it's a person with some predisposition toward low or no empathy for others coupled with obsession(s), drugs, poor parenting, delusional thought and video gaming. Its sort of like a trick lock that requires 6 hidden steps performed in a very precise manner and sequence necessary to open it. You could have the key, insert the key, performed 5 out of the 6 steps, but no matter how many times you insert the key and turn it, the lock won't open. Nothing happens without the missing step.

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