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Re: Video games and shootings...

Originally Posted by Mausermolt View Post
the FPS game makes people crazy and violent is very similar to the CCW or area's with lots of guns makes it more dangerous argument.

they say that violent videogames make people more aggressive and prone to act out in violence? one of the quotes above said that Call of Duty Black Ops 2 sold 13.2 million copies in the first week of sales? why arent there 13.2 million kids out there blowing up cars and gunning people down in the streets? same reason people make it out alive of a room filled with thousands of guns and 10's of thousands of rounds of ammunition in gunshows!

humans are generally reasonable animals, they know if they walk out into the street with their AR and start making swiss cheese cars they are probably either going to get killed by the police or spend the rest of their life in jail. same thing if they walk into a gunshow and try to rob a dealer.....uuhhhhh, well we all know everyone in the room can easily neutralize that threat with something right next to them on the table.

my point being: dont infringe on other peoples rights just because you "think" what they are doing on there own free time can be "dangerous" and "cause serious damage"....because that is exactly what the anti gun people are doing to us.

Why do you NEED a AR-15?
why do you NEED a game where you shoot machine guns at people?
why do you NEED a car taht goes 150 mph?
why do you NEED a truck thats lifted and oversized tires for a daily commute?
why do you NEED a Iphone?
why do you NEED a Starbucks coffee every morning?

so stop trying to take em away
I haven't seen anyone in this thread say that FPS games should be banned. That doesn't mean that they don't have an effect on an already altered mind. CCW vs violent video games are nowhere near the same argument.
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