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Felons should not have guns. Period.
I'm going to third disagreeing with this statement. A guy I know is considered a felon because he had barely enough marijuana on his person to be considered intent to sell. Thing of it was, the amount (I forget how much) was really just another arbitrary number. If he had a few grams less, it would have been a misdemeanor. The thing of it was, he had been stopped by a police officer for speeding about 10 minutes after he bought it. His theory was to buy in bulk so you don't have to be buying all the time. He bought himself enough to last for several months. He never once sold even a gram of pot, it was all for personal consumption, and that's what was argued in court. But because the amount he had was over the legal definition of intent to sell, that's what he was charged with, regardless of his actual intent.

He's paid his debt to society, but since he has the label "felon" because of something he did almost 20 years ago as a stupid 19 year old, he's "half a citizen."

But even beyond that, part of your punishment for a felony is having your rights restricted/suspended. But once your debt to society has been paid, you should have all your rights restored fully. If you don't want a "dangerous felon" from getting guns, then make sure he stays in prison for life, that way he can't harm anyone anymore.
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