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Felons should not have guns. Period.
I disagree with this as well. What's the point in keeping non-violent criminals who have paid their debt fully to society, from having guns? For example, what purpose does it serve to keep a Bernie Madoff type from having a gun? It has nothing to do with protecting society - it's simply government saying "you didn't play by our rules, and now we can keep you forever from protecting yourself".

I'm all about making criminals pay the price for the crimes they commit, even capital punishment for violent crimes less than 1st degree murder. But, once a criminal pays the given price, whatever that price is, then full rights should be automatically restored and the records sealed from non-law enforcement.

You either want someone to be a citizen of your society, locked up or dead. Making someone a "half" or a fractional citizen just doesn't work; it never has.
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