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Try my Buck & Ball loads

Good morning Rustle in the Bushes, I would not want any thing less than my own Buck & Slug load or Buck & Ball load, time to start loading your own, start low and gradually come up with the powder charge and practice at the range blowing water filled bottles till you can hit it without raising the gun from your hip at 15 to 20 yards!

If you do not have the Lyman 525 Slug mold then use a .678 Round ball in wad!

those darker nitro cards are much harder in between so be sure to use them

Check your total payload weight, lets say your payload is 1 3/4 Oz then use 1 7/8 OZ shot load data or even 2 Oz shot load data for safety!

I wish you a lot of fun at the range before you venture out into the woods with angry bears!

Best regards,
Blazing Sabots

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