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btmj, no sling may well work better than an improperly used sling. There's more to using a sling that most folks realize.

Used properly, a sling enables better holding and your point of aim moves around in a smaller area on target. Without it or if used incorrectly, the hold area is always much larger.

Three rules for proper sling use:

* the front hand must be all the way forward to a stop on the stock; no muscles holding it in place further back under the fore end. The front hand must not grip the forend but remain relaxed. If an hand stop's not used, such as on a service rifle or hunting rifle, then the front hand has to be all the way forward against the swivel. Some folks have used detachable swivels in several mounts spaced an inch or two apart in hunting rifle fore ends. Match rifles need a rail with an adjustable hand stop but the sling's attached to the forend at only one place well forward or on the handstop.

* slings must be positioned on the holding arm such that pulse beat in the muscles do not bounce the rifle around or at least to a minimum. Put the sling below or above the bicep muscle or pad it to dampen the pulse beat effect.

* sling tension must be such that with the butt placed in the shoulder and the cheek resting firmly on the stock comb, no use of muscles whatsoever is needed to have the aiming eye aligned with the sights and the natural point of aim right on target.
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