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marlin model 336 30/30 vs winchester model 94

i've decided i need a 30/30. my friend offered his deer stand for a weekend this year and given it's location i can't think of a better rifle to be holding if a buck does indeed appear. a local gun dealer has an entire wall lined with 30/30 and some are marlin 336 and some are winchester 94. the best of both are about equal in condition and $300. i want to use the open sights whichever gun i choose. i've done some reading on the two and was wondering if someone with actual experience with these two would care to share an opinion. i understand the winchester probably holds better value but at 300 i really don't find that to be an issue. none of the winchesters are the 94e. he also has some winchester 32 specials for a bit more money.
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