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Help, deer and black bear hunting .357 mag

I have no experience killing bear with a .357. But i do have plenty of experience killing game animals, and although a 44 or higher may not be a bad idea, i know from a fact with all my other experiences and my experiences with my .357s a well placed shot i would not be worried about killing a black bear. I also dont have any hesitation in using it for bear protection.

For hunting, practice, practice, practice. Like you would for any game animal. Also, at least in MN the ONLY sucessful way to hunt them is baiting, so you get to control the exact shot distance and plan angles. A .357 broadside at a 15 yard bait pile should lead you to place an accurately placed shot.

.357 for defense on paper from bears may look marginal. But the fact that i can swing my 3 inch sp101 around and out of holster quick, get on target quick and have many shoots of a more than deadly load going into them makes me feel as safe as i could being self defense with little warning. For me, a big 44 or 454 would lot allow me to do that.

If 44 or 454 or 480 makes you feel more comforabe quick and shots go off just As you plan great. But i feell my 357s have what the need to get it done and back to safty regaress of shot angles. In A much faster period of time
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