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I dislike painting with a broad brush, but in my personal experience those who openly carry in cities generally fit the image of "Rambo wannabe."

If carrying a firearm makes a fellow feel ten feet tall, he probably should grow up a bit more before carrrying one.

I have never felt that carefully conmceling my weapons in any way degraded my "manhood."
and I suppose you feel ten feet tall when you go out to the slums unarmed? granted most people that open carry don't do so in the projects but the danger is always there when you are out in public. the human race certainly hasn't gotten more civilized and higher populations increases the probability ever higher.

as for concealing not hurting your manhood, it may not kick you there but it does hurt your pocketbook, quite a bit in some cases. if all a fellow has is a glock 17 then it's pretty dang hard to conceal regardless of the man's size. some manage, others fail miserably in the attempt so if you don't already own a compact you have to run out and buy a smaller gun that's easier to conceal, there's $350 or ore right there. then there's training. anyone know what a NRA self defense course costs nowadays? I'll tell you, NRA PPDIH course in my area, would require 45 minute commute 2 ways over 2 day period and costs $98 per person. then there is your license, there's another $25 easily. then there's a nice quality conceal carry holster there's an additional $45 at least.

on the other hand in an open carry state, all you need is a gun of any size, and a holster, a $15 uncle mikes or heck... Springfield XDs come with a free one. some people don't carry concealed just because of the serious financial hurdles they face, college students, fixed income parents, there are a lot of people that can't afford to jump through the hoops that still feel the need to carry and in turn do so by open carrying. I don't look at someone like that and think they are a rambo wannabe. I see a person that wants nothing more than to protect their family and do so with the best they can afford.
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