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Reagent R200S Stainless - Issues and insights

Ok well I have a Reagent R200S made by Umarex. I got it cheap and I'm using it to learn how to fix and work with 1911s.

Some things I noticed with this gun right away:

1. Spongey trigger - Its like after the trigger engadges you can still pull it a ways, and its spongey, doesn't have a firm stop.

2. Bore points left - Using my laser bore sight, this gun clearly points left. Very left. Problem is, the rear sight isn't adjustable. Lame.

3. Chromed parts are all very poorly chromed. Tons of rough edges.

I've De-burred all the parts, and trigger shaft. This helped quite a bit, the trigger is a lot smoother, but it just doesn't feel crisp. The spongey no-break part probably has something to do with that.

Questions I have are, how would I fix the spongey trigger? And what can I do about the bore pointing left?
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