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We had our lowest crime rates in American history before the GCA of 1968
That conflicts with every source I've ever read on the subject. Crime rose steadily from the early 1950's until peaking in the late 1980's. We need to be careful what data we use to make arguments.

For example, I prefer calling it 'expanded background checks' rather than referring current gun proposals as restrictions.
Well, they are restrictions. Why call them anything else?

I don't understand why a lot of you are seemingly ok with an NCIS check when buying a gun from a LGS but somehow buying a gun at a gunshow without a background check is somehow infringing on your 2A rights.
I'm not OK with it. As MLeake pointed out, we have no data whatsoever proving that the Brady Law has done anything to reduce crime or violence. All the NICS system does is generate more paperwork, fund more payroll at the FBI, and often to wrongly delay or deny guns to purchasers.

The whole background-check system is a solution in search of a problem. It's a meddlesome failure of social engineering. Why would anyone want to expand upon it?

Fewer gun crimes = Fewer attacks on 2A.
This is also a problematic argument. If more folks start burning crosses or distributing seditious literature, does that mean my 1st Amendment rights will be in danger? No. They are rights, not privileges. They should not be subject to the whim of social policy.

The anti's won't give an inch if violent crime falls. In fact, they'll take credit (whether it's due or not) and say "hey, our way worked! More bans!"

Some folks are missing the forest for the trees. Any gun-control law that gets passed is another step for them; it is not the end.
Sometimes it’s nice not to destroy the world for a change.
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