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The real first rule of gunfighting is, "Stay the hell out of gunfights any way you can."
That should be thing that is natural, but i find myself in bad places because of work and family. Everyday someone new is shot in a robbery where i have to be at least weekly. Carjacking and robing someone in broad open daylight...things are crazy.

The last thing i want is to be sitting in my vehicle or walking to my vehicle when someone targets me. Like was previously stated about the behavior of someone who just screams i am about to do something. Looking around to see who is watching while they approach.

In that moment, if you don't notice,if you are distracted, your sidearm could be useless. Hand on your sidearm, non-Verbal warning gos out, Verbal warning next, What's on your mind!

They get it, no easy, done right....threat avoided. Heart still pounds...eyes scanning. Thank god i wasn't on my phone!
If you ever have to use a firearm, you don't get to pick the scenario!
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