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I will accept nothing more than the current system with ONE enhancement.

I want a MANDATE that states be required to provide data on all ADJUDICATIONS OF MENTAL DEFECT and INVOLUNTARY COMMITTMENTS (equivalent to that which they are now required to do for Felony Convictions and Domestic Abuse/Restraining Orders). It's already on the #4473 as a "prohibited persons" disqualifier and that information is the result of DUE PROCESS. (Oh, and the Feds can pay ALL the costs on this)

ANY other kinds of "mental health records/information" that is NOT the result of Due Process, any other kinds of "Soft Science" mumbo-jumbo as the mental health status of a person (you know, the kind where 6 experts can give you at least 8 different conclusions, unless some change their minds, in which case it can be at least 12 different conclusions), any information with respect to which drugs someone is taking (need I go on, or do you get my drift?) ... NOT EVEN IF HELL FREEZES OVER!

The only new "sensible gun control measures" other this that I will accept is that BATFE be required to investigate and prosecute all instances of INTENTIONAL FALSE INFORMATION provided on a #4473. Judges need to go for the maximum sentences (10 years per lie) with sentences served consecutively.

Unless and until the DOJ and BATFE are willing to show me that they are serious about doing their jobs ... NO MORE STUPID, NEW LAWS THAT CAN'T BE/ WON'T BE ENFORCED.

I harbor no illusions that this will end "rampant gun violence", but I am not willing to go down the "Enemy of the State" route that the Left seems to be pushing. That IS a Bridge Too Far.

I can and do accept that we are stuck with this stupid Brady Bill Background Check. What I can't and won't accept is the "set up to fail" that the present system exists in. Until the missing "mental health" data loop-hole is plugged, the present system's penchant for failure is nothing more than a self-fulfulling prophecy. The NICS Background Check System fails because it was apparently designed to fail. Why? Because it affords the perfect excuse "we have to do more" ... more reasonable gun control (which will also not solve the root problem, thus opening the way for yet another round of gun-grab frenzy).

I'd prefer to just compromise with: Let's just go back to the way it was, pre-Brady. If you can't agree to that, Mr. Lefty, then my next compromise will find us back in 1934. Still want to play?
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