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My EDC gun is a NAA Mini Revolver in .22WMR with the really long way-out- there 1 5/8" barrel. I have no trouble controlling it even when rapid firing, and 5 shot accuracy at 7 yards is well within a 3 inch circle with Federal 50 Grain HPs.

This ain't your father's .22Mag. Nowadays, Winchester, Hornady, Federal and others have developed loads specifically tailored for mini revolvers, producing thousand feet-per-second velocities out of one-two inch barrels with bullets delivering good penetration and reliable expansion. You do NOT want to get hit with one.

Because this weapon is so easilly controllable, I can put 5 aimed shots out there about as fast as anyone trying to control an over-powered mini-auto chambered for a cartridge all out of proportion to its weight and grip size. I do not feel undergunned.

But, most important,because the Mini Revolver doesn't require any special wardrobe accomodation like a belt or holster, my NAA will tell you it never, ever, gets left at home. That's something very few carry guns can say.

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