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To answer the question about Montana Gold bullets, they are quite good. I compared the group I could do with one of their 185 grain JHP bullets to RWS match using a Springfield Range Officer (.45). Unfortunately I was at a public outdoor range and had to shoot at the same distance others were shooting rather than trying at a long distance. They were leaving a 1" ragged hole at 7 yards. This was shooting 7 and 8 rounds per hole. Later at a private range I tried them at 50 yards off hand. I was only able to get 8" groups. I blame most of that on the shooter. Not using a rest or support and not having the vision to shoot that distance any more takes it toll. If I were at least 30 years younger things might have been different.

It is my opinion with the proper load, you should be able to load Montana Gold bullets to match grade easy enough.

Montana Gold and PD 9 mm bullets give me as good and most likely better groups than any of the cheap ammo you can buy in the stores, when they have it. I'm using WST powder currently for my semi-auto loads. It is clean burning and my powder measure likes it too. I switched from AA5 which also worked well. WST just seems to be a little better. It is also a pretty fast powder. WST in 9 mm is close to if not a compressed load.

PD and MG bullets are made for accuracy. Even the JHP bullets they make are not designed to expand. They are used solely for accuracy. I load my ammo looking to make them accurate. SD ammo I purchase. If you are needing to load at higher speeds for some competition you can use WSF powder and get the speed you are looking for.
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