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I'd go with the Browning A-Bolt stainless stalker with the BOSS tuner, as this lets you tune the gun to what load you want to shoot, instead of the other way around.

Anything without the tuner, you have to fiddle around with lots of different loads, or reloads in order to find something that your gun likes. - Or settle for less than stellar accuracy.

With the BOSS system, you pick your favorite load, then adjust the BOSS for bug-hole accuracy with that particular load.

It's like air-conditioning, cruise control or automatic ice-makers... Once you get used to it, you are spoiled thereafter. The BOSS system is that nice.

Saves you untold time, expense and frustration.

If you don't like the muzzle-brake, Browning has a brake-less version of the BOSS.

Personally, I like the muzzle-brake but that's just me. With less recoil, I shoot better. A lot of folks are that way.
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