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gaseousclay, laws don't change at gun shows. FFLs conducting sales must use NICS. Private sellers have to follow state laws for private sales.

Many of us are not thrilled with the requirement for NICS, period, because a) prior to 1995 or so, there were no such checks and there is no data to show that subsequent crime rates were significantly affected, and b) the feds have failed to prosecute the vast majority of prohibited persons the system has flagged. So, it has consumed resources and inconvenienced citizens for what, exactly?

But the new legislation would be a case of the feds overriding the states, yet again, as well as a bunch of other offenses against individual liberties. For instance, I would most likely have to use an FFL to transfer a gun to my father in law, who lives one town away in the same state.

The proposed legislation is not acceptable.
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