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I wouldn't have a problem allowing a 1 year old to be around (so long as they have hearing protection) when firing any kind of gun you can think of.

Not sure where someone thinks a person should be afraid of letting their young child be around guns like they would graphic violence.

The argument of protecting media violence from regulation is in simile to a one person seeing a rock on the ground and stating that such is there, while another claims it doesn't exist. Everyone is entitled to their opinion but the effect of violent images on peoples behavior is undeniable. It brings more immorality out of people than it brings morality.

I however think a person should be free to expose themselves to whatever they want. This society will only get worse unless people start doing some hard thinking and pull their heads out of whatever trash bin they have it stuck in.

Mass killings are not the problem, they are the symptom.

Guns have been around for well over half a mellenium. However we have only really seen some of the most hideous individually accomplished mass murders in the last 100 years. motion picture entertainment has been around for the same length of time.

Coincidence? I say no. And a surgeon general once who I bet had more credentials to his name than anyone in this forum agreed during the 70s too.

That has been 40 years ago. I wonder what he would think of todays entertainment if he found 70s entertainment disturbing.
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